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Our Story
Our Story

The girl behind

My name is Johanna I am proudly Ecuadorian. 

I am an architect and did my master in interior design in Barcelona 6 years ago. Now I live in this city that has opened its arms to me and given me a new home.

After working for some years as an architect, I was lucky to get to know the textile world in Barcelona. This opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I learned about product design, colour combinations, patterns and much more, skills that complemented my creative profile and my vision to create.

At my university years, I had the opportunity to do social work building houses for families who at that time did not have a roof over their heads to live in decent conditions and it was something that marked my life. I still remember the feeling of gratitude that they showed us when they received their first prefabricated house. Feeling that love fills me with life every time I am able to help people in need.

Now I get this feeling every day since I started with this project 2 years ago, three things that I love the most represent this project. 

My country, the design and help people in need. 

I want to help indigenous women of my country to have an opportunity to support themselves economically.

I believe that the world is evolving and it is time for this women to leave aside their role as housewives and gain awareness of their opportunities as some of us have been able to do, they deserve to do it too.

With CABUYA handmade I want to provide them an additional source of income. With this they can gain independence at home, invest in their education and their artistic skills.

By this way they could feel much more empowered in their lives and stop being seen only as housewives and peasant women. I know the reality of women in my country and I believe that their art and their legacy deserve to be recognised by the world.

I truly believe each of us came with a goal in life. I am trying to discover mine. I think that whenever you hearth tells you is right, and your actions bring you happiness, it means that you are in the correct path. 

I invite you to be part of my project. 

With all my love,


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